Zinc-air Storage

Rugged, long-duration, pollution-free energy storage systems for use in any location.

Rugged, long-duration, pollution-free technology for a wide range of energy storage needs, from remote microgrids to utility-scale virtual power plants.

Zinc-air batteries use available oxygen from the atmosphere to extract power from zinc, one of the most common and abundant metals on earth. For this reason, the zinc-air battery production costs are the lowest of all rechargeable batteries today. In addition to this foundational attribute, zinc-air batteries are also safer, more abuse tolerant, and have longer standby life as compared to lead acid, lithium-ion, and flow batteries.

A perspective on duration: A single 750Wh Zinc-air cell will power a standard 6w LED bulb for 5 days. It would take 34 standard 18650 Lithium-ion battery cells—and cost 3x more—to do the same.

NantEnergy has created the first globally-scaled, low-cost, green energy storage system—using one of the most common materials on earth. By developing our core zinc-air technology enabled by advanced controls, NantEnergy has created not only a scalable battery platform, but also a completely new energy storage category—a feat that has not been accomplished in the last 40 years.

Because of its abundant supply, low cost, and fundamental stability, zinc is the ultimate electron-donating element – which is why it’s been used in every alkaline battery ever produced. Replacing a costly second electrode with one that breathes air, the zinc-air cell uses a new technology—one that doesn’t need costly and rare materials, and can be manufactured locally—thereby reducing reliance on imports, and contributing to jobs and the local economy. Integrated with high-efficiency PV panels, zinc-air storage delivers a renewable, reliable, and affordable source of power.

Save Money

Spend less on storage and save

Eco-Friendly Chemistry

Humanely Sourced, recycleable battery solutions

Rugged Build

Guaranteed to work anywhere in the world 24/7

Produced Locally

Create high quality, custom solutions in any market

Modular Set Up

Mix and use different batteries for unique needs

Optimized for Solar

Store and use power from any solar provider

Theft Free

Reduce losses with a lead-acid free solution

Safe to Use

Utilize the safest, fire-free hardware

Reliable Resiliency

Keep the power on during long and short outages

Powerful Monitoring

See activity from the network down to a battery cell

Powerful energy solutions for all

Commercial & Industrial

Slash your monthly electricity expenses and add system resilience with reliable, renewable power from NantEnergy.


We evaluated several energy storage systems and ultimately selected NantEnergy because they were able to size the system with a high level of accuracy and guaranteed performance-based savings.
—Mike DeSimoni, Sr.
CEO, Channel Lumber

Remote Microgrid

Provide low-cost, reliable, renewable electricity to remote communities around the world.


Zinc-air is a well-suited chemistry for microgrids, providing a cheap energy storage solution. Flow batteries struggle to scale down to the size of a typical microgrid, and lithium-ion batteries do not compete on cost.
—According to analysis done by Lux Research

Grid-Tied Microgrid

Modernize your electrical infrastructure with a fully-integrated microgrid.


As the cost of renewable technologies has steadily declined, and the value of distributed energy resources (DERs) are better recognized, regulated, and understood, connected microgrids are becoming increasingly lower carbon while operating a myriad of different resources.
Aug. 2017


Our reliable, low-cost, clean technology is the ideal backup power solution for communication facilities and other critical telecom infrastructure.


With an increasing emphasis on reliability, distributed generation (DG) and energy storage (ES) technologies are logical solutions to ensure the continuous operation of telecom networks, regardless of location or external factors.
—Navigant Research,
Jan. 2019


Lower energy costs and access reliable backup power that works in any environment anywhere in the world.


Greater renewable penetration on the grid means longer duration storage is necessary to start to combat some of the issues that are caused by non-dispatchable generation assets.
—Lux Research,
September 2018

Good for people, business and the planet

Powerless people now have power

Number of lead acid batteries replaced

CO2 Reduction in Metric Tons

Liters of diesel fuel that we’ve abated

How it works

Metal, Air, and Energy: How Zinc-air Works

NantEnergy’s groundbreaking zinc-air battery combines fuel cell technology with traditional solid-state electrode design. With performance and cost metrics surpassing all past battery space benchmarks, and a unique design and architecture, this rechargeable energy storage device is unlike any other in the mainstream marketplace today.
Zinc-air batteries store and release energy using simple, reversible chemical reactions.

When electric power is available from any source – such as photovoltaic solar panels – that energy is fed into the battery device. The electrons from that source convert zinc oxide to metallic zinc (which remains in the device) and oxygen (which is released to the atmosphere). This effectively stores the electrical energy into the zinc metal as chemical energy, and the device is now charged and ready for service.

When it’s necessary to use the stored energy, the battery device converts the energy from the zinc into electrical energy by reversing the electrochemical reaction. The zinc is exposed to the natural oxygen in the atmosphere, which then triggers the zinc to give up the electrons it gained in the charging process. This oxidation recreates the zinc oxide, and the battery is ready to receive another charge.

While the process of using the reaction of zinc and air to produce energy is not new, typical zinc-air cells are only able to discharge; their ability to recharge and repeat the reaction is extremely limited, and makes their use in storage impractical. NantEnergy discovered how to enable zinc to retain its charge for prolonged periods of time, making it possible to repeat the charge and discharge cycle thousands of times without deterioration of the battery.

This breakthrough makes zinc-air highly practical for storage; it is safe and reliable, and now costs less than $100 per kWh to manufacture. This allows NantEnergy to compete effectively anywhere in the world, reducing dependence on costly and potentially harmful lead-acid batteries and fossil fuels.

Making Energy Storage Smart

While NantEnergy’s breakthrough zinc-air batteries are practical for storage, it is the company’s advanced energy management software that gives this reliable recharging system so much flexibility; it is this unprecedented level of flexibility that provides users with a high degree of visibility, efficacy, and insight. Utilizing embedded sensors and code, this innovative software is able to offer the customer unparalleled transparency in product performance, health assessment, and control.

The intelligence and management functions—built into both the individual cell and module levels—enable the end-user to conduct previously unattainable analytics of their operations, including outage duty cycle profiles, load profiles, real-time tampering or vandalism alarms, cell health, diesel runtime, and more. These capabilities offer customers an extraordinary degree of operational storage intelligence…which is critical to meeting user needs and supporting their business:

  • Governments can gather data from remote microgrids, to assess the growing energy needs or actual energy sustainability of these remote communities.
  • Utilities can capture an instant picture of how storage is meeting peak demand.
  • Commercial and industrial businesses can have visibility into their energy savings—in real-time.

And for customers that want to shift their energy spending from a CapEx to an OpEx, NantEnergy’s systems are also available as EaaS (Energy-as-a-Service) systems; this model represents the future of storage for every use, in every part of the world.

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