Satisfying Peak Needs—Strengthening the Grid for Growing Demand.

Maintain reliable service and satisfy dynamic demand cost-effectively with NantEnergy storage solutions.

NantEnergy’s zinc-based batteries offer an unmatched combination of low cost, proven reliability, and extended durability.

Utilities face a range of challenges in meeting changing grid demands, whether from the growth of EVs, managing peak demand, increasing reliability, or as a result of deferring investment in transmission and distribution lines. At the same time, the growth of renewable energy sources is accelerating, driven by consumer demand and government regulations. Energy storage is playing a significant role in helping utilities efficiently operate in this changing environment.

Energy storage using the zinc-based batteries developed by NantEnergy offers an unmatched combination of low cost, proven reliability, and extended durability that make this technology the perfect choice for many power and utility needs.

Storage systems, including Zn-air/Li-ion hybrid systems paired with solar PV, can provide utilities with additional resources to replace gas-fired peaker plants, or for transmission and distribution deferral at congested nodes. With both residential and business customers adding EVs and other demands to the grid, utilities can maintain reliable service and satisfy dynamic demand cost-effectively and without the siting and regulatory costs associated with gas-fired plants. What’s more, microgrids that use advanced energy storage systems are increasingly proving to be an important asset for utilities that want to create “resilience zones” or replace expensive last-mile distribution for remote sites, such as communications towers.

Zn-air/Li-ion hybrid systems also can maintain frequency stability during load swings or emergencies, and ensure the continued reliable operation of the grid.

NantEnergy’s range of solutions, including hybrid energy storage systems, are available in a variety of capacities. These expandable systems give utilities significant flexibility in meeting specific needs today, as well as being prepared for the future…a future that will bring aggressive renewable portfolio standards (RPS) in a growing number of states.


Eco-Friendly Chemistry

Humanely Sourced, recycleable battery solutions

Rugged Build

Guraranteed to work anywhere in the world 24/7

Powerful Monitoring

See activity from the network down to a battery cell

Optimized for Solar

Store and use power from any solar provider

Safe To Use

Utilize the safest fire-free hardware

Reliable Resiliency

Keep the power on during long and short outages

Greater renewable penetration on the grid means longer duration storage is necessary to start to combat some of the issues that are caused by non-dispatchable generation assets.

— Lux Research,
September 2018

Making Energy Storage Smart

While NantEnergy’s breakthrough zinc-air batteries are practical for storage, it is the company’s advanced energy management software that gives this reliable recharging system so much flexibility; it is this unprecedented level of flexibility that provides users with a high degree of visibility, efficacy, and insight. Utilizing embedded sensors and code, this innovative software is able to offer the customer unparalleled transparency in product performance, health assessment, and control.

The intelligence and management functions—built into both the individual cell and module levels—enable the end-user to conduct previously unattainable analytics of their operations, including outage duty cycle profiles, load profiles, real-time tampering or vandalism alarms, cell health, diesel runtime, and more. These capabilities offer customers an extraordinary degree of operational storage intelligence…which is critical to meeting user needs and supporting their business:

  • Governments can gather data from remote microgrids, to assess the growing energy needs or actual energy sustainability of these remote communities.
  • Utilities can capture an instant picture of how storage is meeting peak demand.
  • Commercial and industrial businesses can have visibility into their energy savings—in real-time.

And for customers that want to shift their energy spending from a CapEx to an OpEx, NantEnergy’s systems are also available as EaaS (Energy-as-a-Service) systems; this model represents the future of storage for every use, in every part of the world.

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