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Are you looking for new services that will help your commercial and industrial (C&I) customers save money on their electric bills, while creating new revenue opportunities for your growing business? NantEnergy is actively expanding our network of channel partners in the U.S., and offers integrated, end-to-end support for partners adding storage to commercial behind-the-meter solar projects – including EPCs, developers, and solar distributors.

NantEnergy’s unique advanced battery technology and intelligent control software yield highly competitive, flexible, and scalable storage systems that deliver a compelling ROI when connected to solar generation. Predictive software maximizes the use of solar resources, minimizes the need for grid power at peak times, and instantly switches to stored energy to flatten demand peaks.

Working as a NantEnergy partner can deliver significantly larger projects for you by delivering impressive demand charge savings and greater resiliency to your customers. And, as a partner, you can offer customers our unique 10-year “Asset Management Service Agreement,” which provides routine and unscheduled maintenance, coupled with a 10-year demand reduction performance guarantee.

As our partner, you can count on us to support you with a range of resources, as appropriate to your individual situation:

  • Marketing resources – Regional lead generation campaigns, co-branded press and marketing materials, and future financing options.
  • Sales support – Proposal generation, project sizing and design, RFP creation and support.
  • New growth opportunities – In addition to new C&I storage options, our proven solutions for the microgrid and telecom markets create new opportunities for you in the broader stationary energy storage market.



Are you a manufacturer looking for new opportunities?


Renewable energy and energy storage are high-growth areas across Africa, India, and other international markets where there are significant needs for improving existing power infrastructure and grid availability. To meet this surging demand, NantEnergy is seeking qualified, established companies as Licensed Regional Manufacturer (LRM) partners. NantEnergy’s long-duration energy storage solutions have the lowest cost floor in the industry and use materials that are readily available in most local markets. This combination of high demand and low cost of goods creates a unique opportunity for local manufacturers to profit from this industry while also creating jobs in their communities.

Our Chemistries

Zinc-air Storage

Rugged, long-duration, pollution free energy storage for use in any location.

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Zinc-air + Lithium-ion Storage

Flexible energy storage in one package that is optimized for business applications.

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