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To deliver clean energy solutions that benefit people, business, and the planet.

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NantEnergy develops innovative and intelligent energy storage solutions that are accelerating the worldwide transition to sustainable and reliable energy. In keeping with our mission to provide clean energy solutions that benefit people, business, and the planet, our proprietary zinc-based rechargeable batteries cost less and function longer than the lead-acid batteries and diesel generators they replace, with far less impact on the environment.

Coupled with our advanced energy management software, our systems increase reliability and functionality without exceeding the cost targets that allow the practical adoption of energy storage. We believe that affordable, clean, reliable power should be available to everyone, everywhere—from remote island villages to busy urban centers, from small commercial interests to large industrial companies.

Our solutions serve as the core of distributed commercial and industrial energy management systems, remote microgrids, and reliable backup power systems to critical wireless infrastructure.

Thanks to our technology, more than 200,000 people in villages across rural Indonesia and Africa have access to electricity, many for the first time. That same technology gives our commercial and industrial customers significant reductions in their electricity costs, in many cases eliminating demand charges entirely.

NantEnergy’s technological progress is fundamentally changing the way people, businesses, and utilities generate, store, and use electricity. Our technology and our people are meeting dynamic market needs today while paving the path for the smart and sustainable grids of the future.



A Natural Energy Storage System


Zinc-air + Lithium-ion Storage

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Zinc-air Storage

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Our Strength


NantEnergy is unique in many ways and arguably the most advanced new energy storage company in the world. After stealthily delivering thousands of batteries to select global customers since 2011, NantEnergy is one of the only new energy storage technology companies in 15 years that has; (1) proven its technology broadly in harsh real-world environments, (2) delivered high volume production, and (3) proven its business model with real customers. NantEnergy’s differentiating technology and the value it brings continue to be recognized by our customers worldwide across various industries.

Our core battery cell materials are low cost, green and long lasting. We are the only vertically integrated energy storage solution where battery, electronics, software and packaging components are integrated to provide a seamless energy storage solution with remote monitoring and site management to customers. We develop our own proprietary battery technology, power electronics and embedded software controls. These in-house capabilities led us to commercialize the world’s first embedded intelligent controls in a battery cell and deliver automated Energy-as-a-Service capability to our customers. Our industry leading low levelized cost and integrated intelligence has enabled us to exceed customer needs.

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