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The future of battery technology is in the air

Pulau Sekunyit, Indonesia, the village of Bejobaka in Madagascar, and Mount Sterling, North Carolina, are all beautiful and remote areas. They also rely on zinc-air batteries for their electricity, considered the next generation of energy technology…

Energy Storage Annual Conference & Expo

Energy Storage Annual Conference – Join us in Phoenix for the Energy Storage Association’s annual conference. Our Chairman will be delivering a keynote address on Thurs. April 18.

Solar Power World

Solar Power World – Join us at the largest energy trade show in North America. Booth #5349, Sept. 23-26 in Salt Lake City

Battery Chemistries


Rugged, long-duration, pollution-free energy storage systems for use in any location.

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Zinc-air + Lithium-ion

Flexible energy storage in one package that is optimized for business applications.

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