Market Capabilities

Largest Global Deployment of Novel Air Breathing Zinc Rechargeable Battery System

Harnessing Nature & Technology to Solve Carbon Pollution

Air Breathing Zinc Rechargeable Battery: Smart Storage System™
The World’s First Globally Scaled Deployed Low-Cost Green Renewable Energy Storage System

Distributed Commercial Backup

NantEnergy has been serving wireless telecom providers with our superior metal-air battery systems successfully since 2012. Proven in the harshest environments, over 100,000 NantEnergy cells have been deployed across the globe providing reliable backup power to critical wireless infrastructure. Due to its long duration and long life capabilities, our exclusive rechargeable metal-air technology has proven a robust and cost effective means to eliminate century-old lead acid batteries and diesel gensets.

Rural Electrification Microgrids

Beginning in early 2015, NantEnergy has expanded into village electrification energy storage. To date, NantEnergy has deployed the world’s most diverse and expansive renewable-energy micro-grids across the vast island communities of Indonesia. Pioneering the goal of eliminating fossil fueled generation (diesel gensets) in these remote grids, these communities are now being served with a local electrical grid that has fully sustainable energy generation and delivery performance (PV + Inverters + Battery only).

Distributed Commercial and Industrial Energy Management

NantEnergy also is a leader in “behind the meter” energy management systems designed to reduce peak demand charges for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. Recognized by Navigant Research as a Top 10 for Distributed-Scale Energy Storage Systems, Nant’s advanced software tools and building-sited solar integration capabilities continue to lead the way in the advancement of smart consumption and providing utilities much needed resiliency and capacity relief with these installations.