Real World Deployments

Selected View of Customers using NantEnergy’s Air Breathing Zinc Rechargeable Cells

Village Electrification

100+ Rural Villages Installed Using NantEnergy’s Off-Grid, Renewable Power Solutions in Indonesia

Indonesia – 94 Village Project (2016-2017)

Indonesia has more than 12,000 villages and 40 million people without access to electricity

NantEnergy executed on a project 2016-2017 that brought 94 villages and 150,000 people reliable and entirely renewable electrification

Madagascar – The 100 Village Project

20 Million people without access to reliable electricity (80% of the population)

National utility insolvent and Government has very limited funds

NantEnergy, USIAD, and our Madagascar partner who has obtained the license to build and operate Africa’s largest off-grid utility

    – 315 KWh
    – 100x Wooden Poles
    – 4,000 Meters LV Line (400V)

Duke Energy Cell Tower Off-The-Grid

Customer Overview: Duke Energy is one of the largest electric power holding companies in the US covering around 7.4 million U.S. customers.

Applications: Off-Grid Electrification, Solar (PV) powered Microgrid, Telecommunications