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Slash your monthly electricity expenses and add system resilience with reliable, renewable power from NantEnergy.

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NantEnergy provides clean, efficient backup power for commercial and industrial businesses, and significantly reduces demand charges—and in some cases, eliminates them all together.

Get better service, better data, and less complexity for hassle-free operation with NantEnergy.

Utility demand charges can be a major energy pain point, challenging budgets and increasing the cost of new loads, like EV fleets. NantEnergy’s predictive software and battery hardware turn a solar PV array into a low-cost, reliable, virtual power plant that replaces high-cost grid power, and frees precious capital for investment—or the bottom line.

NantEnergy SmartStorage™ systems also equip you with cost-effective backup power capability, minimizing the impact of power outages that cost today’s U.S. businesses in excess of $57 billion per year, according to IEEE. This increases the value of our systems beyond mere savings in utility expenses; they require no fuel and minimal maintenance, making them the superior choice over diesel generators. When the grid goes down, your energy storage system comes online allowing continued operation with no disruption to your business or topline.

You can enjoy our “Guaranteed Performance-Based Savings” program, using our innovative financing services, which offer you our “Energy as a Service” option, with no up-front cost.


Save Money

Spend less on storage and save on power bills

Modular Set Up

Mix and use different batteries for unique needs

Rugged Build

Guraranteed to work anywhere in the world 24/7

Powerful Monitoring

See activity from the network down to a battery cell

Optimized for Solar

Store and use power from any solar provider

Reliable Resiliency

Keep the power on during long and short outages

We evaluated several energy storage systems and ultimately selected NantEnergy because they were able to size the system with a high level of accuracy, and guaranteed performance-based savings,

— Mike DeSimoni, Sr.
CEO, Channel Lumber

Smart Energy Management Software Automatically Cuts Demand Charges

Commercial and industrial (C & I) businesses pay monthly utility energy and demand charges based on the amount of electricity in kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed during the billing period. The energy charges are broken down into two categories: peak periods (typically between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday-Friday), and off-peak periods (typically between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. Monday-Friday; weekends, and holidays).

The demand charges, which are measured in kilowatts (kW), are based on the highest level of electricity supplied at any given time during the billing period, depending on the time of day it’s needed by your business; demand charges can account for 30-70% of your total electric charges.

The NantEnergy SmartStorage™ system for C&I cuts expensive demand charges by predicting the daily energy demands for your business and instantly dispatching power from the energy storage system, replacing expensive grid power. When your energy demands increase, the system’s intelligent, predictive controls trigger a rapid power discharge to offset spikes, essentially flattening the peak and reducing—or even eliminating—the demand charges that drain your energy budget.

With the NantEnergy advanced energy management software, you can save even more through automatic energy arbitrage—charging the battery with the least-expensive off-peak power when needed, and storing it for use at peak times subject to demand charges. By selecting the right power source at the right time, our software lets your business maximize solar consumption and minimize overall energy usage during peak periods, reducing overall electricity charges—and in some cases, qualifying your business for a lower rate structure.