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NantEnergy delivers clean energy solutions that benefit people, business, and the planet

A Natural Energy Storage System


Zinc-air + Lithium-ion Storage

Flexible energy storage in one package that is optimized for business applications. LEARN MORE

Zinc-air Storage

Rugged, long-duration, pollution-free energy storage for use in any location. LEARN MORE

Powerful energy solutions for all

Commercial & Industrial

Slash your monthly electricity expenses and add system resilience with reliable, renewable power from NantEnergy.


We evaluated several energy storage systems and ultimately selected NantEnergy because they were able to size the system with a high level of accuracy and guaranteed performance-based savings.
—Mike DeSimoni, Sr.
CEO, Channel Lumber

Remote Microgrid

Provide low-cost, reliable, renewable electricity to remote communities around the world.


Zinc-air is a well-suited chemistry for microgrids, providing a cheap energy storage solution. Flow batteries struggle to scale down to the size of a typical microgrid, and lithium-ion batteries do not compete on cost.
—According to analysis done by Lux Research

Grid-Tied Microgrid

Modernize your electrical infrastructure with a fully-integrated microgrid.


As the cost of renewable technologies has steadily declined, and the value of distributed energy resources (DERs) are better recognized, regulated, and understood, connected microgrids are becoming increasingly lower carbon while operating a myriad of different resources.
Aug. 2017


Our reliable, low-cost, clean technology is the ideal backup power solution for communication facilities and other critical telecom infrastructure.


With an increasing emphasis on reliability, distributed generation (DG) and energy storage (ES) technologies are logical solutions to ensure the continuous operation of telecom networks, regardless of location or external factors.
—Navigant Research,
Jan. 2019


Lower energy costs and access reliable backup power that works in any environment anywhere in the world.


Greater renewable penetration on the grid means longer duration storage is necessary to start to combat some of the issues that are caused by non-dispatchable generation assets.
—Lux Research,
September 2018

Healthy Outcomes for people and the environment

Good for People

Provide power to people in any location, on and off grid, from big cities to remote villages

Good for Business

Reduce energy costs and provide backup power with a safe, eco-friendly hybrid battery solution

Good for the Planet

Utilize the only battery chemistry that uses earth abundant, recyclable materials

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